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IREDIA MODELS INC. is here to help aspiring
models, actors, actresses, singers, and basically
anyone with some sort of talent find an agency. We
here at IREDIA MODELS INC. want to help YOU
out! We are a model scouting agency that will help
young ladies or gentlemen that are interested in
the awesome world of modeling get the publicity that they need in order to achieve professional modeling status.

The modeling agencies that we work with are looking
for girls that have had prior experience in modeling,
acting, singing, cheerleading, gymnastics, pageants,
and sports in general. Basically we here at IREDIA
MODELS INC. look to work with ladies and
gentleman that are active individuals and take pride
in how they look. We are looking for FEMALES as
well as MALES that are interested in modeling,
acting, and or singing. We are a very professional
company and have clientel throughout the United
States so please only people that are VERY serious
about making it in the modeling and or talent world
contact us!

We are here to help people with dreams of making it
BIG and agencies out there are constantly looking
for new faces for the next ABERCROMBIE &
FITCH catalog, or the next runway model to make it
to Milan, Italy to model with the stars, or the next
superstar actor or actress in the great hollywood so
please take action now with our wonderful services!

Please if you have any comments, suggestions or questions about our services or website please just let us know:

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Email address:


iredia models

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