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Plus Size Models (sizes10 and up)


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Let's be for real with you...

You dream of modeling, but you aren't a size 2, 4 or even a 10. You aren't built like Jennifer Love Hewitt or Tyra Banks. You have more curves than angles and you actually enjoy them. "But all models are tiny, skinny, itty-bitty, things, right?" Wrong. Magazines such as Mode and BBW exclusively use plus size models in their layouts. Fashion houses like Ralph Lauren and Valentino are designing fabulous fashions and need plus size models to model them. Agencies may want you just the way you are!

Where to begin? You have come to the right place! Iredia Models was designed with YOU in mind. If you are a size 10 or over and want to be a model, this is your place to start.

Many agencies are picking up on the trend for younger plus models. Iredia Models Inc. is one of the first agencies to differentiate between plus models and junior plus models as well. There was no market for junior plus models but our agency here at Iredia Models Inc. as well as other popular agencies like FORD saw a niche not being filled and decided to aggressively pursue it. We are sure, other agencies in major and local market, are following suite by signing teen plus models. We want everyone to get a chance at the wonderful world of modeling so if your a junior plus sized model give us an email at and let us help you achieve your modeling dreams!

What does it take to be a junior plus model?

Plus-sized teens who want to get into modeling shouldnt expect any different requirements just because they are teens. Junior plus models must meet the same physical requirements as any other plus model. They must be between 5'7" and 6'0" tall - no more and no less. Iredia Models will consider teens aged 14 and up. Also, teens must be between sizes 10 to 16. In general, a 12/14 is the ideal size for plus modeling in major markets. Teens prone to breakouts beware because models need to have clear skin, plus healthy hair and teeth. Models also need to be toned and in proportion. So if you have got the physical requirements, this could be a career for you.









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